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  • Eurobasic Custom Finish Double Bass

    Romanian 3/4 size bass with Bass Violin Shop custom finish. Laminated top and back with solid maple ribs. Antiqued Rubner tuners, Gotz ebony fingerboard, Despiau bridge, Eva Pirazzi strings. ...


  • Calin Wultur Carcassi #5

    Fully carved European-made 3/4. Poplar with maple ribs, and German spirit varnish. Sloping shoulders, onyx endpin, Kolstein adjusters, antiqued Rubner tuners, string length 41 1/4″ ...


  • 1956 Juzek

    John Juzek #404, fully carved Czechoslovakian 3/4 double bass. Master art copy of Stradivarius. Restored at the Bass Violin Shop. String length 42-1/2 inches. ...


  • 2008 Samuel Shen Rogeri Willow

    Fully carved SB200 double bass with spruce top, willow ribs and round back.  Hand-applied oil varnish.  41-5/8″ string length. Consignment. ...


  • Samuel Shen Panormo

    Samuel Shen SB1000 Panormo – Fully carved 3/4 bass, with highly flamed maple back & sides, even-grained spruce top, hand applied oil varnish.  Rosewood Kolstein style adjusters & Onyx e ...


  • Late 19th German Roundback

    Late 19th century, 7/8 fully carved German double bass with hat peg tuners.  Beautifully restored in the 80′s at the Bass Viol Shop in Cincinnati.  Robust and powerful sound.  String length 4 ...


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