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  • Fiedler Gaetano Rossi 3/4 Double Bass

    Fully carved double bass from Rudolph Fiedler workshop in Czech Republic. Spruce top, poplar back and sides, maple neck and scroll, hand-applied varnish. String length 41 1/8″   ...


  • Christopher Hybrid Double Bass

    Christopher Hybrid 3/4 double bass with Busetto corners, upgrade German ebony endpin, Despiau bridge with Otto ebony adjusters and Rubner tuners. String length 41 1/2 inches.   ...


  • 2012 Samuel Shen SB190 Rogeri Hybrid

    Hybrid double bass with carved spruce top, maple veneer back and willow ribs, Ulsa ebony endpin and adjustable bridge. String length 41 1/2 inches.   ...


  • Late 20th Century American 7/8 Double Bass

    American-made 7/8 fully carved flatback double bass. This is a big beautiful bass priced to sell. Unusual design and antiqued varnish. Includes Bobelock cover. String length 41 7/8.” Consignment ...


  • BVS Restored German Double Bass

    Circa 100 year old fully carved German Lowendall style 3/4 double bass, fully restored in the Bass Violin Shop, with new bass bar, fingerboard, bridge and Gotz endpin. Great symphony or jazz bass with ...


  • Roderich Paesold 2006 #593 3/4

    Fully carved lightweight and resonant double bass made in Germany (Paesold), with a New Harmony carbon fiber endpin, a new Despiau bridge with Otto ebony adjusters, slim neck, and individual hat peg t ...


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