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  • C Wultur Panormo Elite #5 with C Extension

    Fully carved Calin Wultur double bass with aged Carpathian maple and spruce, and German spirit varnish, with Bass Violin Shop C-extension.  String length, 41 inches. ...


  • Samuel Shen SB150 CV

    Samuel Shen hybrid double bass with carved spruce top with cosmetic veneer, inlaid purfling, laminated maple back & sides, beautiful hand applied oil varnish.  String length, 41-1/4 inches.  Con ...


  • Samuel Shen SB300 Mirecourt

    Samuel Shen’s newest addition to their excellent line of basses, this splendid, fully carved double bass has classic lines, with a wonderful tone that allows it to blend well and hold its own as ...


  • Samuel Shen SB90

    Another excellent Samuel Shen product.  Laminated spruce top, laminated maple back and ribs.  Aged blonde lacquer finish.  Embossed gold and black single plate tuners, ebony fingerboard, nut and sa ...


  • Calin Wultur Carcassi Elite #6

    This roundback Elite series double bass represents the cream of the crop in the Calin Wultur line–great selection  of wood and the highest quality European  craftsmanship.   Beautiful, even-grai ...


  • Glaesel DB673

    European-made Glaesel laminate double bass with ebony fingerboard, German tuners, pecanic tailgut, spirocore strings.  A great bass! ...


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