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  • Turn of the Century Czech Double Bass

    Fully carved Czech double bass, circa 1900. Includes Spirocore strings, David Gage Realist pickup, and Deluxe Mooradian cover. String length 43.” Consignment, as is.   ...


  • SOLD – Carved Czech Double Bass

    SOLD РCarved Czech Double Bass, fully restored by BVS, including new Ebony fingerboard. Circa 100 years old, with original hat peg tuners. Low shouldered, good for playing high positions. Big ...


  • Sam Shen SB200 7/8 Flatback Maple

    2003 Fully carved flatback maple double bass, with new fingerboard, Ulsa Massiv brass endpin, adjustable bridge. String length 42 1/2″. Consignment.  


  • Kay S1 Double Bass

    Laminated Kay S1 double bass, with new adjustable Despiau bridge. Includes Spirocore strings, original canvas cover, and Kay German bow. String length 42.” Consignment. ...


  • Bohemian Flatback Double Bass

    Fully carved Bohemian double bass with hatpeg tuners. Recent BVS setup, including new adjustable Despiau bridge. Includes Cordura nylon cover. String length 41 3/4.” Consignment. ...


  • Juzek Laminate #450 Double Bass

    John Juzek #450 laminated double bass with full BVS set-up. Ebony fingerboard, adjustable bridge. Choice of Helicore strings, 41 1/2″ string length. ...


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