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  • Samuel Shen Panormo

    Samuel Shen SB1000 Panormo – Fully carved 3/4 bass, with highly flamed maple back & sides, even-grained spruce top, hand applied oil varnish.  Rosewood Kolstein style adjusters & Onyx e ...


  • Late 19th German Roundback

    Late 19th century, 7/8 fully carved German double bass with hat peg tuners.  Beautifully restored in the 80′s at the Bass Viol Shop in Cincinnati.  Robust and powerful sound.  String length 4 ...


  • 19th Century German 5/8 Flatback

    Fully carved 5/8 German double bass. Open back scroll. Great bass for smaller player wanting a dark, rich tone and easy to play set-up.  String length 40 inches.  Consignment. ...


  • 19th Century German 3/4 Flatback

    Beautiful fully carved double bass.  Bold and dark orchestral sound that would do well in any professional setting.  String length 41-1/4 inches.  Consignment. ...


  • John Pringle Lion’s Head

    2013 Copy of Viennese double bass.  Fully carved, beautifully finished bass with custom made Messina cover and Laborie endpin.  String length, 39 inches.  Consignment.


  • 1800′s Viennese Double Bass

    Gorgeous fully carved bass, ca 1800. Flatback with highly arched top.  With Mooradian Custom cover and Laborie endpin. String length 39-1/8 inches.  Consignment. ...


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