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  • Sam Shen SB190 5/8 Hybrid

    Hybrid Sam Shen 5/8 size double bass with spruce top, willow ribs and laminate veneer flatĀ back. Hand applied oil finish. String length 39 inches. ...


  • Calin Wultur Elite Corsini #6

    Fully carved European made double bass. Aged Carpathian maple and spruce with German spirit varnish. Slightly smaller 3/4 size. Despiau bridge with Kolstein style rosewood adjusters, and Onyx rosewood ...


  • Calin Wultur Elite Gamba #5

    Calin Wultur Elite Gamba #5 double bass, with carved poplar top, maple ribs and back, sloping shoulders. Antiqued Rubner tuners, Otto ebony adjusters, and a New Harmony Music woven carbon fiber endpin ...


  • Calin Wultur Carcassi Elite #5 Double Bass

    Calin Wultur Carcassi Elite #5 double bass with carved maple back and ribs, sloping shoulders, round back. Antiqued Rubner tuners, rosewood Kolstein style adjusters, Onyx rosewood endpin. String lengt ...


  • Christopher Concert Double Bass

    Christopher Concert series laminate Busetto style 3/4 double bass, with the BVS set up, including a German ebony 10mm endpin, and a Despiau adjustable bridge. String length 41 1/4.” ...


  • Turn of the Century Czech Double Bass

    Fully carved Czech double bass, circa 1900. Includes Spirocore strings, David Gage Realist pickup, and Deluxe Mooradian cover. String length 43.” Consignment, as is.   ...


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