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  • 1975 Engelhardt EM1

    Beautifully refinished by the previous woodworker owner, with upgrade German individual tuning machines, and Ulsa Massiv endpin. Great looking and great sounding bass. String length: 42″   ...


  • Turn of Century German Mittenwald Double Bass

    Fully carved German double bass, circa 1900, with a Kolstein ebony adjustable tailpiece and a Kolstein adjustable bridge. Beautiful and very loud bass. String length 41 1/8.” Consignment.   ...


  • Sam Shen SB190 5/8 Hybrid

    Hybrid Sam Shen 5/8 size double bass with spruce top, willow ribs and laminate veneer flatĀ back. Hand applied oil finish. String length 39 inches. ...


  • Calin Wultur Elite Corsini #6

    Fully carved European made double bass. Aged Carpathian maple and spruce with German spirit varnish. Slightly smaller 3/4 size. Despiau bridge with Kolstein style rosewood adjusters, and Onyx rosewood ...


  • Calin Wultur Elite Gamba #5

    Calin Wultur Elite Gamba #5 double bass, with carved poplar top, maple ribs and back, sloping shoulders. Antiqued Rubner tuners, Otto ebony adjusters, and a New Harmony Music woven carbon fiber endpin ...


  • Calin Wultur Carcassi Elite #5 Double Bass

    Calin Wultur Carcassi Elite #5 double bass with carved maple back and ribs, sloping shoulders, round back. Antiqued Rubner tuners, rosewood Kolstein style adjusters, Onyx rosewood endpin. String lengt ...


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