About Us

Located in the Piedmont of North Carolina, and staffed by two full-time, highly skilled bass luthiers, the Bass Violin Shop specializes in double bass sales, set-up, restoration and repair. Over the years we have built our reputation by offering quality instruments, knowledgeable service, reliable repairs and superior restorations at affordable prices. With bassists coming from all over the Southeast and beyond, we have gained a loyal following, from young beginners to seasoned professionals.


Teresa, Bob and Sanders of Bass Violin Shop

Teresa, Bob and Sanders

About Bob

Before opening the Bass Violin Shop in 2001, Bob spent 25 years as a bassist, playing Jazz and Classical bass. After music studies at Berkeley in Boston, University of North Texas, and the University of Washington, Bob played with many jazz greats. Among them, Zoot Sims, Milt Jackson, Charlie Byrd and Herb Ellis. After attaining a Master’s Degree in Bass Performance, he spent several years teaching at UNC-G and playing in the Greensboro Symphony. Having spent some time working on his own bass, Bob was able to apprentice with luthier Malvin Artley in nearby Gibsonville. Studies in New Hampshire with Hans Nebel and at Oberlin with the Violin Society of America enhanced his experience and skills. After setting up and repairing hundreds of violins, violas, cellos and basses, Bob decided to do what he likes best — setting-up and repairing double basses that are a joy to play.

About Sanders

Sanders Trippe spent 10 years working for Roscoe Guitars making electric basses before coming to the Bass Violin Shop. In addition to the fine woodworking skills and attention to detail he learned at Roscoe’s, Sanders’ apprenticeship with Bob and Gael (our former experienced and highly skilled luthier) has earned him our full confidence and respect.

About Teresa

If you call the BVS, chances are you’ll talk to Teresa first. She is Bob’s wife and business partner. She manages the books, webpage, general inquiries, bass rentals, shipping and morale. She took home a Shen 1/2 size bass a few years ago (if you can’t lick ’em, join ’em) and has been discovering the joy of playing double bass ever since!