Lemur Music FlyAway “Liberty Belle”

Lemur Music Liberty Belle, 3/4 hybrid, FlyAway package. Lemur Music's FlyAway removable neck system allows for this bass to be disassembled, stored in the airline-checkable flight case (included), and transported easily throughout your air travels. The adjustable neck also allows for precise adjustments in string height via the pivoting neck system – so no need for bridge adjusters! Flight case and bass weigh less than 70lbs!

Flamed maple laminate ribs and back, with fully carved spruce top. BVS set-up, with antiqued Rubner tuning machines. This bass has a big sound and would be equally at home in an orchestral or jazz setting. It is also super light, making it an ideal instrument for the traveling professional! Lemur cover available at upgrade price.

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