Marco Antonio Cerin, Venice 1781

A phenomenal 18th century Italian instrument labeled and attributed to Marcus Antonius Cerin, Venice 1781. Cerin descended from a line of great Venetian makers including Anselmo Bellosio, Giorgio Serafin, and Gofriller — he was truly one of the last classical Venetian makers.

This particular instrument was constructed of a beautiful wide grain spruce top table, flamed maple ribs, a flamed/crotch figured maple flatback, and a lightly figured scroll. A stellar restoration was recently completed at the George Heinl & Co. shop in Toronto, which included a new bass bar, breast patch, neck/scroll graft, and complete set-up. The top arching remains true to original and the entire bass is in an excellent state of preservation. Before making its way to the US, this bass spent its time playing in the premier London orchestras, such as the London Symphony, London Philharmonic, and the London Philharmonia.

A major league instrument that would be at home in the hands of any professional bassist! Consignment.


String length: 41.5″

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