Set-up of New Double Basses

All of our new double basses receive professional-level set-ups, in-house, to achieve BVS exacting standards and specifications. Here’s what we do:

– Fingerboard Dressing:   Many new double basses sold to shops or individuals come poorly dressed, resulting in string buzzing, difficulty with intonation, and unnecessary string tension. We accurately plane, sand, and oil the fingerboard for optimum camber, radius, and playability. This includes trimming and shaping the ebony nut, as well as establishing proper string spacing.

– Install Bridge:   A poorly installed bridge, especially one made of inferior quality wood, can result in less sound production, warping, and inaccurate string heights and spacing. We shape and fit the bridge feet to the belly of the bass, arch the bridge for accurate string heights and spacing, and then trim the bridge for optimum flexibility and sound production. We choose only authentic French Despiau bridge blanks, made of only the best aged maple.

– Install Bridge Adjusters:   Most bridge adjusters are difficult or impossible to turn! We install Otto ebony/aluminum adjusters in all of our bridges, which enables players to easily adjust string heights and string tension for seasonal changes or for playing different styles of music. (Other bridge adjusters are available upon request).

– Sound Post Adjustment:   Aside from deficient sound conduction and string response, a poorly fit soundpost can cause damage to the top or back of a bass. Our first-quality spruce posts are carefully fit to the proper length and location for the best possible tone production.

Set-up and Repair of Customers’ Double Basses

Our customers are amazed at what we can do for the playability and sound of their basses! Whether resetting your sound post, installing a new bridge or strings, or giving your fingerboard one of our precision dressings, we will work with you to improve your set up. We also specialize in resetting necks, repairing cracks and installing new fingerboards, bass bars and C-extensions. Whatever your playing needs, we listen carefully to you, the customer, and work hard to get the most out of your instrument without blowing your budget.

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Our basic philosophy: we don’t rush anything we do. We give each job the time it requires to be done right… whether it’s an old Kay or an older Italian, a 1/2 size Sam Shen SB80 or new Thomas Martin. Bob, Sanders, and Tony are experienced, highly skilled luthiers, specializing in double bass set-up and repair. They understand the real value of a finely crafted, perfectly set-up double bass.

School Basses

Does your school have basses your students don’t want to play because they are in dire need of repair or replacement? Reward your students with basses that are an inspiration to play! We work with schools to upgrade their bass inventories through discount sales and special school repairs. Contact us for more information.

Rental Options

Due to its size, the double Bass can seem a bit intimidating for those new to the instrument. Our goal is eliminate that concern—-and get you started on what will hopefully become a lifelong love of the double Bass.

To help, we offer a variety of rental options. For seasoned musicians or first-timers, our rental programs are designed to fit each player’s particular needs:

SHORT-TERM RENTALS: From overnight to two months- for touring professionals, beginners, or anyone wishing to spend some time playing a well set up, easy to play double bass.

LONG-TERM RENTALS: From three months or more — a good choice for students and those wanting to play an entry level bass with the option of building up credit towards purchase.

To learn more about our rental options or to receive a copy of our rental agreement, email us or contact Teresa at (336) 272-2877.