Solving the puzzle

of my mystery bass went beyond the work that my bass received at the hands of the experts at the bass shop. Not only does my bass have new life with its new fingerboard, bridge, and extension, but it has recovered its pedigree thanks to the Shop’s research. I am very grateful!

Vance Reese
Asheville & Brevard, NC

BVS is the only place

 that I trust to work on my bass. I’ve known Bob and his crew since the shop first opened and they have always done exceptional work. Recently they replaced the neck on my 90 year old bass. It sounds and plays even better than it did before!

I have been

a customer and fan of Bob Beerman and the Bass Violin shop for over 20 years. In that time I have purchased my beloved (and much used) Czech bass as well as basses for my daughters from the BVS. The repair work they do is second to none anywhere in the world and one should have total confidence in choosing the BVS. No matter how big or small the repair, they will amaze you.

J. Foureman
UNC - Chapel Hill
NC State University

I rented my first

bass from Bob. I bought my first bass from Bob. He and the whole BVS team have never disappointed in their craftsmanship, detail, and advice. I'll be proud to shop at the shop as long as it's here!

Wood Robinson

We love our new

Shen double bass. The instrument sounds terrific and the set up is perfect. It is critical for our students to be able to learn on the best equipment that we can provide so thanks to Bob and Cody for your help in making that possible!

Chris Buddo
East Carolina University

Over the past few years

I've had the privilege of dealing with Bob and the Bass Violin Shop for repairs, selling, and purchasing basses. In every area, I have always been very satisfied with the professionalism, knowledge, and personal touch of the staff at BVS. I continue to make the drive to Greensboro because I trust them and continue to enjoy their service.

Jeff Crawford
Arbor Ridge Studios - Chapel Hill, NC

I have been a customer

of Bob's for ten years. During that time I've purchased two basses from him.
I take them to the shop a few times a year so Bob and his team can keep them playing and sounding great.

Thanks for everything Bob!

Bob Crawford
Avett Brothers

I have never

played a bass set up by the Bass Violin Shop that did not play great.
Their sense of nuance, attention to player needs, and dependability, make them the only people I use in this whole region.  If I am willing to drive 4 hours each way, that simply speaks for itself.  From basic setup to major repairs, I have never been disappointed."
–Steve Bailey

Just want to tell you

again how pleased I am with the work you all did on my bass.
I never thought it could sound this good!
I've tried out lots of other basses over the years and yearned for the quality of sound that my instrument now has!
Please extend my thanks to Sanders as well.  He's a good man.
You guys have made an old man very happy.
Bill Fairbanks
Chapel Hill, NC

The BVS Team was

extremely helpful in making my transition from electric bassist to upright renter to an owner of new Shen bass.
Thanks to all.
Charles T Murphy
Greensboro, NC

The bass sounds so great

that I went back to an earlier string set that I liked: Oliv G (the best sounding g-string out there), Pirazzi D, Spiro Weich A, Spiro Orch E.  I stopped using the Oliv and Pirazzi because they wouldn't "speak" before you did your magic, now they sound great.  I played a gig last night and it was a real pleasure.  The gut/synthetic strings have a stronger fundamental that makes the note "pop" resulting in a more defined quarter note feel.

Rick Jones,
Acoustic Image

Bob : Your professional craftsmanship is outstanding!

Thanks so much for the time and detailed attention you gave my bass. Your results are a testament of the love you have for these living instruments. You have given me reason to practice again. Thank Tony again for his contribution in bringing to life something that was a unique part of my life. "
–Tony Brescia,
Rockwell, NC

We just wanted to

thank you for meeting with us and spending time helping Cameron with her bass.  She is very happy with the lovely instrument you spent so much time restoring.  We think she has a bass that she can cherish and play for the rest of her life.  We appreciate your honesty and the high level of knowledge, care and craftsmanship you bring to your work.

–The Leopolds

Where can I start?

 Well for openers, my 1947 Kay Bass, which always sounded good, now just about rings with clarity.  Your success and workmanship in making two rather tricky structural repairs saved me many dollars while not compromising quality.  I am very pleased to say the least."

–Larry Dickinson

Just a word to say

how much I'm enjoying the bass, sounding better than I ever remember, which is saying something. I'm touched by the evident and thorough care you put into the work, and delighted with the way it looks and feels. I can't keep my hands off it.

Landon Walker
Walker Family Band

Thanks to your set-up,

the Pöllmann now has the sound I expected when I bought it. Three other luthiers couldn’t coax the magic out of the instrument. You did it. Hallelujah! Thanks, Bob.

—Jeff Elliott
Chapel Hill, NC

Thanks again for

your service, it's the best investment I've made yet for my bass. . . I also appreciate your accommodating my travel schedule. . . . You have gained a loyal customer and I'll never hesitate to recommend you.

—Jim Clark
Morganton, NC

Bob performed a

first rate restoration on my turn of the century Austrian bass. Bob fixed a nasty hole in the lower bout so well that even I forget it was there! ... Plus, he did a first rate fingerboard dressing. He did all of this and more in a timely manner and at an affordable price! I can not recommend Bob highly enough. All of my repair work goes to Greensboro!!!

—Marc Chesanow
Little River, SC

If your bass needs

repair or maintainence or if you're shopping for a bass, you need to visit Bob.. He's been working on my instrument since I moved to North Carolina six years ago, and it has never played, looked or sounded better!

—Charles Gambetta
Music Academy of North Carolina
Greensboro, NC

Thanks again for that

incredibly timely repair. The bass plays great and sounds huge with the new post and tailpiece…

—Craig Brown
North Carolina Symphony & UNC-G bass instructor

…I have to tell you

how thrilled I am with the way my Prescott came out of your shop. I also must say your work is as good as any I have seen anywhere in this country. How fortunate we are here in NC to have you cats around. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and impeccable skill. Much peace.

—Eliot Wadopian

Asheville, NC
bassist with the Paul Winter Consort